Alert Popup with other Angular commands?

We have a Popup Alert.

Can I use Angular commands in the Message or subtile value?

In the message we are building an HTML table to display data.
But in the table I need to use some ngIf to know if I can show some of the values or not.

when I try to use an ngIf they seem to be taken out of the final HTML code.

Basic example.

let innerCode = '<table>' +
                '<tr *ngIf=""><td>' +  + '</td> </tr>' +

let examplePopup = this.alertCtrl.create({
            title: 'My Title'
            subTitle: innerCode ,
            buttons: ['CLOSE']

I can’t see how Angular would know that this HTML needs to be parse?

Any other suggestions for making a table in an Alert Popup?

— in AngularJS we were able to do this because the HTML was all in one files, then just had a tag to load that table HTML into the popup.

No, you can’t. Send strings. This is exactly why you were having the issue in the other thread. If you want to format the message, use PopoverController or ModalController.