Alert, loading,select etc not working in lazy loaded page

First I came across it was trying to help somebody in framework #11476, and pretty much the sum total of my knowledge on the subject is in the comments there.

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Hello Aaron, maybe i didn’t get the issue, but normally it’s not rocket science with simple use cases in AngularFire2. Any data and i just did it simple to push between pages with navparams(some key). I saw your reading Aaron about minimal js and it’s probably and very clever technique, but i guess on a simple level i and others don’t need that yet.

Anyways technically, if you use a 2 way data binding like angularfire2 it’s a bit complex, but you can use snapshot, just found a solution for my app.

From the link @rapropos just posted, it looks as though there is a hole in app-scripts that is getting fixed in the next version.

@AaronSterling hi aaron, talking about Ionic 3 or a next fix for Ionic 2 ?
as soon as I import LoginComponentModule in pages/login/login.module.ts the error surfaces,
currently in repo it is commented, so no error,

And a question along with, are the components supposed to be ionic module.forroot or ionicpagemodule.forchild?
Answer: can’t have ionic page as it requires a separate module, and I have multiple angular components in one module

Looks like 3.1.1, from the GitHub thread. I’ve only known this for 5 minutes, got no real understanding yet.

Well I was not in anyways pushing for #ionic3, given ionic 2 has some flaws I wish to be fixed, and I guess the team is all on Angular 3 adapt now and it’s good. But I’d prefer something very stable with ionic 2 yet. Like I coded something with this week, the thing is clearly out of scope with *ng-model.


I tried 2/3 ways of binding without success with AngularFire2, it happened that it’s not really bindable as object.


Great help.

The problem is here:


Change that to just IonicModule, and the alert pops properly for me.

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thanks, It does solve the problem

So not mean I don’t have to call IonicModule.forRoot for every component., even better!!!
thanks again

Nice rapropos, you help people many times :slight_smile:


sure you don’t have to call for Root if you code in Ionic 2, or else no in pure JS like TS 2.

so just a question, all modal will now become a page with lazy loading?
As if I don’t call ionic module.forroot for modal, then I get the error no component factory.
Only way I could think is making it a page.

got the answer here. Modal are page now

And though the solution work, I’m still scratching my head to understand the reason.

hello, in Ionic 2 modals are plain useless. I’ didn’t check if they can have any use in Ionic 3. For the simple reason I lost 2 months trying to code with Ionic Database, and they shutdown it. Now I work with Ionic, but only stable things.

Thanks again, removing them :smiley:

But you still have the loading controller, it’s simple, i use it everywhere now. You don’t need to translate it, it displays the wheel loading. And if the record is done, you put a dismiss control on it :slight_smile:

What do you mean that modals are useless?

Well @SigmundFroyd,
Because they are a pain to pass data from and back to pages in terms of code to pass, and moreover, if i make a android run with my android device, it shows more or less a window with no back button. So, effectively useless :confused:

Because also they are components in Ionic 2 that work flawlessy on any device like, AlertControllers, ToastControllers, ActionSheetControllers, this one doesn’t seems very stable

Alright. I’ve been using them in all of my projects so far and they certainly seem to be stable.

As far as the back button goes, you just have to add an <ion-button> to the header that works as a back button.

I’m not sure what you mean by them being a pain to pass data back and forth, but naturally I can’t speak to your experiences!