AJAX with a REST server without "allow-access-control-origin"


Hello friends.
I have some issue to connect with a REST server without “allow-access-control-origin” who I have not access. The prospect does’nt allow us to use allow-access-control-origin.

This is the REST url:


Someone can please help me?


You should be consider that everybody can read your username and password in the url.
And it does not look really professional if you need to send pw and username in rest api calls.


Man, I know it, and I’m agree with you! But not my client. lol
I have no access to this REST server, and I need to build the conversation with Ionic only.
About the password and login in the URL, this is just a test login, public login to testers.


this allow accesscontrol should be no problem if you run it on real device. there you need to to configure the cordova whitelist plugin.

For browser testing --> try to send JSONP requests instead of GET requests.


Thank’s! I’ll try that method. :smiley: