After Login, how to replace the login button with logout?

Hi guys,

Can someone explain me how to replace in the sidemenu the login button for the logout button if an user was logged?

Bind the side menu title with some scope variable and update the value of scope variable after login or logout. use $scope.$on(“name”,function() { } ); inside side menu controller to get update from other controller and use $rootScope.$broadcast(‘name’); inside login our logout method.

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thanks for the reply… but i can’t understand the process, can you show me an example or tutorial?
Thank you

In leftNavigation Menu

<ion-item nav-clear menu-close ng-click=“clk()”> {{Title}}</ion-item>

In Left Navigation menu Controller

$scope.$on(‘updTitle’, function(t) {$scope.Title=t;})

$scope.clk = function()
if ($scope.Title == ‘Log In’) LogIn(); else LogOut();

In LogIn Controller after successful login state
$rootScope.$broadcast(‘updTitle’,“Log Out”);

In Logout Controller after successful logout state
$rootScope.$broadcast(‘updTitle’,“Log In”);

A bit late to this question…but I have implemented the same thing as follows…

  1. in the controller init function i am setting a flag as
    $scope.isLogout = false;

  2. in the sidemenu the place where you are changing the Login/Logout i have written the following angular expression
    {{ isLogout && ‘Logout’ || ‘Login’ }}

  3. You can toggle $scope.isLogout flag when you click on the div containing the Login/Logout

    menu.html has the div with ng-click = 'toggle()' and expression in its innerHTML
      {{ isLogout && 'Logout' || 'Login' }}
     $scope.init takes care of initializing the flag as discussed above (step 1.)
     $scope.toggle = function(){
         $scope.isLogout = ! $scope.isLogout;
  4. An based on the isLogout flag you can perform Login function or Logout function…

the idea is used from the documentation explaining the Show/Hide grids using the Short-Circuit evaluation