Advanced Toolbar Buttons with unread notifications and collapsed submenu

We try to rewrite our angular2 app in an ionic app.

We have an always shown toolbar with some buttons, how can I add a “unread notification (5 unread messages in this case)” and a collapsed directive with a submenu for the the “more” button?

Is there a ionic2 way or component/directive for that?

is there a ionic2 way to change the look of the button on hover it?



There is no component to show that way, I tried it using the modal component, I overridden the modal component styles and tried to show a android style menu in the app. I guess you will need to use the modal component and its the best fit for you to show the android style menu.

@chandroiud thx for your hint, is it possible to share your code?

@chandroiud is it possible to share the code? thx

Hi @chandroiud, did you have a solution for it?

Isn’t the popover component what you are looking for?