Admob pro causes NavBar to push up

When I show Interstitial is changes the size of my webview. Navbar appears under the status bar and tab buttons on bottom only show 1/2. Show banner works great. ?? Any ideas.

private setAdMobOptions():void {
this.adOptions = {
// bannerId: admobid.banner,
// interstitialId: admobid.interstitial,
// width: integer, // valid when set adSize ‘CUSTOM’
// height: integer, // valid when set adSize 'CUSTOM’
position: this.admob.AD_POSITION.BOTTOM_CENTER,
overlap: true,
offsetTopBar: false, // avoid overlapped by status bar, for iOS7+
bgColor: ‘black’, // color name, or ‘#RRGGBB
// x: integer, // valid when set position to 0 / POS_XY
// y: integer, // valid when set position to 0 / POS_XY
isTesting: true, // set to true, to receiving test ad for testing purpose
autoShow: true // auto show interstitial ad when loaded, set to false if prepare/show



public showInterstitial():boolean {
if (!this.admob) return false;

    adId: this.adMobId.interstitial,
    overlap: true,
    autoShow: true });

return true;