Admob ionic issue

I have used admob for ionic3 project and I’m getting this issue once I run that in android device.

ERROR TypeError: Object(…) is not a function
at AdMobFreeBanner.config (vendor.js:94389)
at WelcomePage.webpackJsonp.716.WelcomePage.showAdmobBannerAds (:8080/build/1.js:107)
at WelcomePage.webpackJsonp.716.WelcomePage.ionViewDidLoad (:8080/build/1.js:87)
at ViewController._lifecycle (vendor.js:22668)
at ViewController._didLoad (vendor.js:22551)
at NavControllerBase._didLoad (vendor.js:53488)
at t.invoke (polyfills.js:3)
at Object.onInvoke (vendor.js:5445)
at t.invoke (polyfills.js:3)
at (polyfills.js:3)

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