AdMob ads not displayed on prod with android using admob-pro


I published my app on google play and apple store .
I have a problem on android , the admod ads not displayed on android .
I get error core : 3 and error message : No fill.
the same code working perfectly on iOS .
on my admob account I have more than 300 requests . but zero impressions

I wonder if I forgot somethings ?
any help please

my app on google play

my app on apple store

this is the error message
document.addEventListener(‘onAdFailLoad’, function (data) {
console.log('onAdFailLoad: ’ + JSON.stringify(data));
{“isTrusted”:false,“adNetwork”:“AdMob”,“adType”:“banner”,“adEvent”:“onAdFailLoad”,“error”:3,“reason”:“No fill”}
onAdFailLoad: {“isTrusted”:false,“adNetwork”:“AdMob”,“adType”:“interstitial”,“adEvent”:“onAdFailLoad”,“error”:3,“reason”:“No fill”}

When i use isTesting:true , the ads displayed

I am getting the same error.

did you solve this??