Adding non npm angular js file


Hi All,
I want to add downgular.js to my project for handling my downloads.
But I’m stucked whats the correct/ionic way to add this.
It depends on angular js. So if I add it to my assets/js folder and add:

  <script src="assets/js/downgular/downgular.js"></script> 

to my index.html I get the error angular not defined.
Is there a more Ionic way to add this?


Ionic uses Angular, not AngularJS. So this will not be easy as AngularJS is not present in your Ionic 2+ project.


Hi Sujan12,
but from the description: “As it is an AngularJS module, it can be easily integrated with Ionic Framework.”



This is talking about Ionic v1, the former iteration of Ionic Framework - the repo hasn’t been touched for 2 years.


ok. so you would recommend not to dive deeper and make my own download queue?


At least not with this library in an Ionic 2+ project.


thx, than you saved me lot of hours :slight_smile: