Adding Modules for lazy loading

I have few concerns regarding lazy loading in ionic 3…

  1. Do I need to add module file in every folder of my project?? It will be quiet a task as I have around 50 different pages in my project
  2. Do they have a command that automatically adds module files to each folder?
  3. Shall I add lazy loading in my production app? I am concerned as it is still in its beta version…

Yes you have. They provided an npm command to generate them automatically for all existing pages but they removed it from their upgrade guide. Maybe someone remembers this command…

And lazy loading is out of beta with the stable release of Ionic 3.0 last week.

Hey thanx again :slight_smile:

@Sujan12 Do you know that command??

I consider this a bit of an overstatement. It still has serious known systemic problems.

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