Adding $compileProvider disables the navigation

Hey, building an app starting from the TABS template and using $compileProvider to sanitize the href, disables my navigation in the details of the list of, example, friends tab. How can i fix that?
I need it to remove the obnoxious ‘unsafe’.

No one has a solution for this? If I add the $compileProvider to start the map (for example), I can’t go more through details of tabs. Otherside, if I remove the $compileProvider, i can navigate through details of tabs, but the links of maps, taken from the service, become unsafe.

Can anyone help me? This is driving me crazy! Maybe i do something wrong on the regex?

can you provide a codepen or some code? A bit hard to know what could be going on

Yeah, there it is my code:


If I include this code in my app the navigation navigation through lists will stop (for the reference with TABS app in the example: I can go to friends list but can’t go in friends-detail).

could it be because of the typo? $ompileProvider missing c. here’s mine: $compileProvider.aHrefSanitizationWhitelist(/^\s*(https?|ftp|geo|mailto|chrome-extension):/);