Adding a content tag a slidebox

I am using ui-router and have a slidebox whose content is

<div ui-view="viewpane">

it seems that if I wrap the ui view in the <content> tag, it causes the height of the content to be 0%, thus hiding the ui-view. Is there some kind of hook that I can call to readjust the size of <content> based on its child elements? It seems like the height is being set before ui-view has a chance to populate the view, which is why it thinks it’s empty and sets itself to 0% height. If i remove the content tag, the ui-view shows up just fine, but it isn’t scrollable. I know I could just use overflow-y, but i’d like to hook into the extra features the content tag provides.

The current release has a bug with the content directive inside the ui-view. I’m actively working on a new branch which will use the ui-router as the base instead of ng-router, so all of this should be fixed up for you.

I will be forever grateful. It seems like I cant get the modal to trigger either.

Hi @adam, is there any progress on addressing this “content directive inside the ui-view” bug?


Not sure if you saw it or not, but our latest version, 0.9.19, has been reworked to use ui-router as the base router. Please take it for a spin and let us know how it goes. Thanks.

Yes, indeed, I spent a couple hours Saturday porting my app – worked wonderfully. This framework is coming along very well. Thank you so much for your persistence and efforts!