Adding a component that already exists to a different page to save space in Ionic Creator

Hey Everyone,

I am working on a medicine finder app where you begin with specific symptoms and then are shown medicines that could help alleviate your symptom. I have some repeat medicines in this so I would like to reuse components with the medicine picture and information rather than continually adding them manually. Does anyone know how to accomplish this ? Maybe using classes and directives or something along those lines.


I don’t know anything about Ionic Creator, so apologies if this comment is totally irrelevant, but generally, one would instead make a component that takes input properties (such as either the picture and description itself, or a drug ID that could be used to retrieve them from a service provider). That way, all the layout can be standardized for all drugs, and you have to maintain only one component instead of “one for each drug”.

Yes, I believe you are correct! I should use a component that accepts input properties. I’ll have to search thru documentation and see if I can find anything… Let me know if anyone comes across a solution before me. Think you have the right idea rapropos!