addEventListener function.bind argument in PWA ionic 3

I having some issue on the value passing in function bind in addEventListener for the iframe in ionic3.

** menuCtrl:MenuController

iframeOnLoad(obj) { //this call when iframe do loading
 let doc = obj.contentDocument || obj.contentWindow;
 doc.addEventListener("click", this.iframeClickHandler.bind(this, 
 this.menuCtrl), false);

iframeClickHandler(arg1, arg2) {
 //see description below

in function iframeClickHandler expecting:

  • arg1 => ‘event’
  • arg2 => ‘this.menuCtrl’

but I getting:

  • arg1 => ‘this.menuCtrl’
  • arg2 => ‘event’

what thing goes wrong here?

Thank you in advanced.