Add plugin to only one platform

Hello, I would like to add the plugin ios-swipe-back, but unfortunatelly it’s causing issues on android.

I don’t need the plugin on android, but removing it manually from gradle recreates it whenever i want to resync

Is there a way to specify a plugin for only 1 platform ?


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It’s possible in Capacitor 3, but that plugin won’t work on Capacitor 3 as it has not been updated for too long

For Capacitor 3 check includePlugins entry Capacitor - build cross platform apps with the web

But you need to include all the plugins you want capacitor to sync, it won’t automatically search if you include that.
It can be put on the root, inside ios object and inside android object, in the root is for the plugins in your app, on ios and android the plugins for ios and android, so in your case you need to add the includePlugins inside both ios and android with all the plugins you want for every platform, meaning, in ios you should put all the plugins and in android all except the swipe-back plugin.