Add header button only for specific view

I changed the example to update on the side menu header - works for me. Is that what you want?

No it isn’t, I want to show or hide buttons on the App header, not on the menu. But I’m using the sidemenu template. I’ve made a screenshot exemple to be more clear :slight_smile: (I’ll put it on my first post too)

In that case, I’m not sure what is the problem at all.
Almost all apps have different headers per view.

Each view template should use its own <ion-view> <ion-nav> to define what buttons each view wants in the header. The side menu should only concern itself with the side menu header.

Example: I use the side-menu. This is my templates folder. menu.html only deals with the side menu. Each template (for each view) defines its own headers

Okay ! I don’t know why but I was believing that it was someway “forbidden” to do that because in the sidemenu template; Ionic put the <ion-nav-bar> into menu.html so I was thinking that the navigation into the app will not work correctly if I put the nav bar directly into the templates…

In any case it seems works ! I’m so grateful to you, thank you so much for your help !

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