Add Event Listener for ThemableBrowser - Ionic 2

Anyone know how to add event listener for cordova’s themeablebrowser plugin as i tried adding it but it returns me the error event listener does not exist for themeablebrowser.

openbrowser(url) {

let options = {
statusbar: {
    color: '#00000000'
toolbar: {
    height: 44,
    color: '#000000'
title: {
    color: '#ffffffff',
    showPageTitle: true
closeButton: {
    wwwImage: 'assets/img/close.png',
    align: 'left',
    event: 'closePressed'
customButtons: [
        wwwImage: 'assets/img/share.png',
        align: 'right',
        event: 'sharePressed'

//Error occurs here - property add eventlistener does not exist in ThemableBrowser

this.browser= new ThemeableBrowser(url,'_blank',options).addEventListener


Did you resolve this? I am hitting the same wall…found it…

After declaring cordova below your import statements.

declare var cordova;,’_blank’,options).addEventListener…

any solution? i have the same problem ! :confused:

const browser: ThemeableBrowserObject = this.themeableBrowser.create(url, ‘_blank’, this.browserOption);
browser.on(‘exit’).subscribe(() => {
browser.on(‘closePressed’).subscribe(() => {

require cordova after import themeablebrowser?
in ionic3, how to get cordova?