Add a page within a page

I want to add a page into one of my other pages so as not to duplicated the code.

The page is called Map and has the selected ‘app-map’. I presumed i could simply add to the page i wish to place it in - however this does not work. I also added the page module to the import of the page I am placing it into, and the tried the app module, like you would do with a normal component, and again I get the same error :slight_smile:

If app-map is an Angular component, then verify that it is part of this module.

What is the correct way to this? Am I missing something?

Pages can’t be embedded, so you’re going to have to turn the shared bits into a component (which can), and then make a (trivial) more-or-less blank host page to take the place of how it is acting as a page now.

I managed to embed it by adding it to my shared components module - works perfectly

I guess if you’re happy, I’m happy.