ADB continuously disconnect devices not show it on Mac OSX

I have a problem, The ADB server continuously disconnects the android devices. When I plug the device, for example a Samsung J3 the ADB server detect it and work but after random time the device dissappears. If I do a adb devices command it shows empty. I have to unplug and plug several times for the adb servers detects it. If I check off the developer debug options and turn it on again sometimes works and sometimes no in spite of on device system bar shows that it on developer mode.

I have already tried to:

-Change the usb cable (with a new Amazon Basics cable)
-Change the usb port
-Kill the ADB server an start again
-Update the SDK components
-Turn off the debug mode and on again

We have some coworkers and stackoverflow issues and they have the same problem.

What would be the problem? Any new fix?

Its really maddening…

My config:

Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5
Android Studio 3.2.1
Terminals with Android 6,7,8

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Same thing happens to me. It is VERY annoying.

I have read all sorts of proposed solutions for that, none of them worked for me. Apart of what you mentioned, I also tried:

  • Change the USB port that I use in my computer
  • Use a powered USB hub
  • Play with several settings in the developer setting of the Android device
  • Pray to the old gods and the new
  • Cry in a corner of my office

No need to say that none of them worked at all (though the last eased the pain). If you find any solution, please share. This issue is really driving me nuts.

Some solution from here?

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I have noticed that the adb forgets/hide the devide exactly every 20mins.

Someone has any idea?

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Same here. Terribly inconvenient to have to re-attach the device every time I try to debug my app…

Some has any workaround to this crap?

Not strictly an answer here, but the ability to use adb over wireless networks is not nearly as publicized as it should be.

Documented here, it’s as easy as:

  • connect device over USB once
  • adb tcpip 5555
  • remove USB cable, no need to plug in again while adbd is still running
  • adb connect annie
$ adb devices
List of devices attached
annie:5555	device
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