Action sheet buttons shows up as links(only first time) in iphone


I am developing an ionic app with action sheet with the following code :smile:

var buttonsGroup = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < $; i++) {
        var text = {"text": "<i class='icon ion-android-call'></i> " + $[i]};
    $scope.makeCall = function() {
        var makeCallSheet = ${
            buttons: buttonsGroup,
            titleText: 'Make a call',
            cancelText: 'Cancel',
            buttonClicked: function(index){  
      'tel:' + $[index]);
                return true;

In iphone, the first time action sheet is opened, it shows up the buttons as hyperlinks with underline and blue color.
From, the next time on it works fine. Again, if I visit the page again after having navigated away from it, I see the same behavior.