Accordion hides side menu


In this codepen, I’ve added an accordion menu in the side menu. It works fine except that on a narrow screen that has side menu hiding, expanding the accordion item also hides the menu. I added an event.stopPropagation to toggleGroup(), but that doesn’t fix it. Any ideas?

See the Pen Accordion hides side menu by Elaine Rhodes (@elainerhodes) on CodePen.


@lannie, this happens because you have the “menu-close” attribute in your list’s div tags.
see for more information.
In this case, stopPropagation is apparently not nessesary.
Note that you have a bug of show/hide your group items. The items you are loading under the parent “A few” are loading only at the first time. Also, check your plus/minus icons…

Good luck :smile:


Thank you for the solution + code review, Meni!