Accomodating for the iOS status bar _without_ phonegap



The company I work for have chosen (out of my control) an alternative to phonegap. how would I get ionic to compensate for the status bar’s presence? (I can take care of detecting it’s running on iOS and make whatever calls are necessary, I assume it can move things down a bit and make the headers a bit taller).


What platform are you using? So the status bar adjustment is being done with css. So if you’re on iOS, add some padding to the header.


I’m using something called CueMe by a company called OpenStream (I much prefer PG / Cordova, I cannot recommend it at all).

Do you happen to know the css classes I need to apply top-padding to? I tried what I thought I needed, but it seemed to have no effect, is there more to it than padding? (fixed heights and such)

@max seemed to know about how the statusbar and device plugins work judging by another thread. Perhaps he knows what I can do if those plugins are unavailable (on a non cordova platform) to trigger ionic to perform compensation for the iOS status bar. (I can take care of detecting we’re on iOS)