Accessing Cordova webapp inside another webview

This may seem like a very weird question, but I’ll try to explain throughout the post.

We have an Ionic v3/Angular 5/Cordova web app (using the cordova platform browser) deployed on a static web server. (Just a clarification before someone questions on why we are using Ionic for this, we previously had the same app published in the AppStore and Google Play at first, and that is the reason we use platform browser until now. Also, we have some features like deeplinks redirects that require cordova plugins)

We are developing a new Ionic v4 with React and Capacitor, and while some of our older web apps are not completely migrated to Ionic/React, we are “embedding” them inside our Capacitor app using the main Capacitor Webview to direct the user to our web urls for the old apps. The old apps were adapted to provide a link back to the local files, so that the user experience is almost seamless when navigating between the new app and the old webapps.

Our other pure javascript webapps work perfectly that way.

However, when we try to do that with the Cordova Web App, for some reason the webapp fails to load the Cordova plugins (like deeplinks) and this completely breaks our solution. It seems like the webapp, even though it is being accessed in a public url (https:/ realizes that it is running in a Native webview and looks for the plugins in local files.

Does anyone have any idea on how to avoid that behavior from Cordova?