Access to image camera or take photo automatically (SOLVED)


I am a new angular/ionic developer and I am happy to have discovered this …

I’m trying to make an application that displays the camera image preview or otherwise take a picture automatically for analysis. I has get to take a picture and show it using getPicture method of ngCordova, but I want to get it automatically without user intervention.

Is there any way to do it?

Thank you.

I know this is possible in native code - but I don’t believe cordova has the bridges set up yet to have enough control to do this. I hope someone else can correct me though so that you can build what you need.

Worst case you may need to write your own wrapper. In which case I would look into whats involved doing this native first and then work back from there. But that may be a bit complex too.

Super worst case, you could commission someone to develop this for you on the ionic job board perhaps.

Fingers crossed someone brings you a brighter answer soon though. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Hello Fox,

I think as you… I has been reading about barcodescanner plugin and he make something similar but I do not need read BarCodes or QR codes…

I has tried the pluging and work well… I has been thinking about Augmented Reality and I am going to look for in this field.



I has found the solution!!! I has used this cordova plugin:


Hi, thanks for sharing.
how did you do to make it ionic compatible?



Finally I found

I am trying to create an Augmented Reality application in ionic, can you please guide me on that, any help would be appreciated.

I have looked into but unable to conclude that how can we click pictures on focus event.

Findings: I am thinking to use Google vision API for creating Augmented Reality.


thanks for sharing ~