Access to developer debug options via global variable

While developing my app I have an “alert” and “toast” functions that I access, plus a series of “show me this and that” buttons. I’m making a lot of use of local storage and knowing how the data comes in/out is important.
Now that I’m close to deploy for some alpha testing I want to keep all that useful code but have it turned off for the test users. However if I’m looking at the Test users device, I would want to turn on my development options. In other development environments I would implement a global “is developer” option that can be turned on via a coded message. For my app I’ll use a simple 5 number pass-key to do this.

Then I can have my code test “isDeveloper==true” and show/perform the function etc. So I’m looking for . away to access a global variable that I can activate during an app session, and then look at it from anywhere in the typescript/html code base…