Access database of another app

I need to access database of another app from my app,is it possible to do that in ionic.

If you do not control the database of the other app, then I don’t think so
It would raise security issues to me and I guess you would need a rooted device.

And what if the other database is controlled by the same developer?

You would still need a rooted device I think. Same security issues as far as the OS is concerned.
If you have access to the source code of both apps, you could try sync them with
Both apps need to be open simultaneously though.

I think this is theoretically possible for files even without rooting, but I don’t know whether you can get SQLite to play along (if that’s what you mean by “database”). For iOS specifically, look at “app groups”.

Actually, I work with Ionic Cloud Services. I would like to know if, theoretically, I could access the database of an app from an other app (both apps being linked to the same ionic account, but of course with different app ids).