Absolute Newbie : Want to convert a single HTML file to a webApp


I have a single HTML file, quite large > 2mb, because it contains a lot of data within it.

I want to simply convert this to a webApp, which people can download and run on their mobile / tablets when there is no wifi and no cell coverage - totally offline.

If my understanding is correct - your Iconic can do this.

How difficult is it. As I am very long in the tooth and have difficulty understanding the terminology.

I was hoping I could upload my HTML to somewhere and it would magically make me a webapp, which would get submitted to the various web stores. I know I am a dreamer !!

Anyway how easy is it and which tutorial etc do I need to refer to. The HTML file is simply CSS, a bit of HTM and some Javascript which includes a very big Javascript text Array of the data I search.

The app is basically a GREP type lookup of the data.

Thanks for any guidance



I hope you only plan on targeting Android, because that sounds like the sort of app that commonly gets rejected by Apple.


Thanks for the comment.

Could you expand on why it would be rejected.

The data is purely a catalogue of trees in an arboretum and their GPS values - nothing nasty or suspicious. It works now as an HTML file on mobile browsers, but for the user it is difficult to get it working, especially on IOS. I have only managed it via Dropbox. As an app - all they would need to do, would be to download it and put it on the Home page. As the data gets updated, all they would need to do would be to update their App.



It’s not about being “nasty or suspicious”. Apple just frowns on “apps” that are just thin veils around websites or static content. From their common rejections list:

Your app should be engaging and useful, and make the most of the features unique to iOS. Websites served in an iOS app, web content that is not formatted for iOS, and limited web interactions do not make a quality app.


Thank you very much for that info - I see why you made the original comment.

i can not think of any way, i could do it differently. It does do search
and shows a subset of the data, depending on the user request, but that
hardly emphasises IOS features, perhaps a pop-up praising IOS every 50
records might do it.

This has been very enlightening, I guess an APP like i have on Apple, is a

You have made me look at an alternative and I may have found it with
Document 5

Thanks MCL


If you display the information in a more accessible way, that makes more sense for a mobile app, I could see that working. I didn’t want to throw shade on your idea as much as just warn you of a potential pitfall. Best of luck.