About to give up with IONIC 3 - Simple Native-like chat page not possible

Thanks for input, I will try this out, the main difficulty with this is also in terms of the scrolling when the keyboard/input field/suggestions bar moves up and down.

Still stuck on the main issue with the keyboard not staying up…

I don’t know that one sorry :frowning:

Crux of the issue is demonstrated in the video below and the following images.

@Alexmady so you managed to keep the keyboard open right according your video?

If not, maybe see what @edgebal (third post from the end of the topic) wrote there


I saw what @edgebal wrote but it does not work when using ionic 2/3 on and
iOS device.

I have managed to find another way to keep the keyboard open, but there are
side effects when the keyboard is finally hidden as demonstrated by the
video and screenshots above.

The code that keeps the keyboard up is

If we can work out a way to fix the side effects we will be on to


Not sure if his helps:

but it solved the erratic keyboard up/down behaviour for me. Here is how I configure the platform settings in app.module.ts:

platforms: {
                ios: {
                    scrollAssist: false,  // fake input element to support native keyboard stay up - not needed
                    autoFocusAssist: false,
                    inputBlurring: false, // needed to stop keyboard hiding during scrolling - not needed

Unfortunately no combination I can find of the settings solve the issues mentioned… Thanks for advice though - I had not come across these options before.

This whole issue is made worse specifically by ionic 3, in ionic 2 there were still problems… but with Ionic 3 its even worse.

Which whole issue? The all keyboard subject itself or the fact that the keyboard doesn’t stay open?

If you speak about the all keyboard, sorry, I’m maybe lucky, but I didn’t noticed any changes from Ionic 2 to 3.

If you are speaking about “how to keep the keyboard open” functionnality, is there already a feature request open in the Ionic github tracking system or on the cordova keyboard plugin side? If not, have you a public repo? Then you could maybe open a feature request in on of these projects?

For example do you have a suggestions bar or autocorrect or spellcheck in
ionic 3 with your keyboard?

I managed to find a way to keep the keyboard open as detailed above, but
the side effects, as per YouTube video the become the issue. Example repo
is also mentioned above

No I don’t have because I think it doesn’t exist yet. But I didn’t checked all the functionnalities.

But if you or no one really find a solution, then I would advice to open feature request.

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Somebody has posted a workaround (in the form of a directive) to fix spellcheck/correct on the Ionic github:


thanks a lot, this workaround works well although spellcheck doesn’t actually work only suggestions.

In other news, made some decent progress. Now have a not so shabby chat screen shaping up. more to follow

I would like to add that with:

      platforms: {
        ios: {
          scrollAssist: false, 
          autoFocusAssist: false,
          inputBlurring: false

and an added HostListener for window:native.keyboardhide like this:

   @HostListener('window:native.keyboardhide', ['$event'])
   onKeyboardWillHide(ev) {

I also managed to keep the keyboard up on iOS. On android it was enough to preventDefault() on the keyUp.enter event. Just so you know. Good to hear you finally made some progress.

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Interesting - do you have a repo that demonstrates this by any chance? id like to have a play…

If I can find some time this week I’ll make a small repo available through here :slight_smile: Let’s keep eachother updated.

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Gotcha. sounds good.

Here is the latest demo - https://youtu.be/VFBL6iKyKSk

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@Alexmady This is look great. How you do that?

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Very nice. Have been watching this issue for a long time too.