A single navigation bar for nested view container

Hey there,

let me briefly explain my problem.

My application has two main views, which should have different navigation bars.
However, the second view is just a container for two additional nested views in it.
I want to define the navigation bar in the container view once and use it for all nested views.

Here is my example: http://codepen.io/uloco/pen/VeLrpp

Notice in the second view, there should be a different navigation bar with a button on the right side showing the ion-chevron-down button. But it does not show. Instead there is a blank header bar.
If you comment out the nested ion-nav-view tag in line 36, the navigation will show (like it should be) but obiously my nested views don’t work anymore…
Note: The buttons on the navbar don’t do anything. They are just there for showing the behaviour.

Hope someone can help me here, I’m slowly getting crazy trying to figure out…

Here it is

Yes this works I know. But it is more a workaround, than a solution.
I have more logic in my header buttons and don’t want to implement the same thing in different controllers multiple times.
That’s not the point of nested views…
Thank you though for our suggestion :slight_smile: