A Navigation Stack for Search result

anyone do have any idea for the following scenario?

  1. I do have tab sample and some tab views will integrate with the search bar view/function at navigation bar.
  2. Views from search result are actually live in some tabs.
  3. How can I share the view of search result on certain tab where I have searched for items.
    (note that view of search result is actually live in one of available tabs)

Here is the example:

  1. I do have three tabs on my platfrom as follwos:
    each of the tab will have the search bar.

    Home | Map | More

  2. I do have profile view at “More” tab.

  3. If user search for profile at “Home” tab, how can I show existing profile view at home tab instead.
    Besides that, I would like to make sure the navigation stack for any search results are always stay at
    the place where the user trigger search function. For this case, any search result navigation stack will
    be tracked and displayed at “Home” tab instead.

You help will be much more appreciated.