A most frustrating Chrome bug (?)

Has anybody else experienced funniness with touch-events in Chrome when you’re NOT using device emulation?

Check out this pen (click the top button)

then this one (click the top button as well)

Only difference in the two pens is that the latter has an ng-disabled on the button.

When I do those pens in Chrome with dev tools closed (no device emulation), the former gives you one alert message, and toggles $scope.isOssum, though it does nothing with it.

On the latter, the alert pops up twice, and the button is disabled, then re-enabled because the button is clicked twice (toggled by $scope.doOssum)

After I enable Dev tools, and turn on device emulation, the latter only shows the alert once. So, touch events are being handled properly, but this has just led to the most frustrating debugging ever.

To solve the issue, I’m just debouncing my buttons at 500 ms, but damn if that wasn’t frustrating to debugging…