A good NavController Tutorial?

Trying to give my head around how NavController works. I get the idea but with the basic examples its hard to see how it all fits together. Even more I want to do menus a little different or at least it seems different then how NavController is built.

Home screen with some items on it.
The Home Screen has a Menu.

– Page 1
– Child page
– Page 2

On the home screen I click the menu and go to Page 1. I still would need to be able to go back from the android button. But Page 1 also has the menu list.

From Page 1 I click a button which opens up a module this now has the nav back button. (how ever to set that up).

I don’t have a menu just the back button to go back to Page 1. This Child page would still by on the stack and can still use the android back button.

Trying to build this seems more complicated then I would like.