A good form validation example?


did you found a other validations?


no actually i follow these validation with email and username input but i dont know how to do it with checkboxes input


i am here also looking full validation tutorial for every form control because i have to face all kind of things in my project :pleading_face:


yeah same here :frowning: hope we can find some help


@safa2jwd let me show what i got for you bro :slight_smile: <input type="checkbox" formControlName="isTosRead">
In your ts file you can set
isTosRead: new FormControl(false, [Validators.requiredTrue]) this will help to validate your checkbox.

Or just look at this example https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-gitter-aemvds?file=app%2Fapp.component.ts
I thinking you are know about reactive form concept in Angular or send me a message i will share my full code which i used so far :slight_smile:


thanks a lot :smiley: i will try your solution yes i know a little about rractive form in angular ^^