A date picker for ionic framework applications

Hi Rajesh,

It looks really good. Kindly can we make more responsive.

Hi @milindsaraswala, I have used the native ionic framework’s popup here. It is by default responsive. I have also tried this date picker for both desktop and mobile devices and it is working fine.
What do you mean by responsive in your aspect? Am i missing some thing?

is there any config or something to disable date after or date before .??

Rajesh does it include the selection of time too after the date getting selected?

Hi @adhadimas91, as of now there is no such functionality. I will try to implement this functionality in the future releases.

Hi @anshulklr, This is just a date picker. I have also implemented the ionic-timepicker. You can use that bower component if required. But this doesn’t include time picker.
Check out the below link for my time picker component.

Rajesh i can’t include two things in the same field. I want something in which after selecting the date the time field comes and you can select the time too with the date?
Do you have any idea about this?

Great work, a really elegant solution :slight_smile:

@CT14_IT, Thanks a lot.

Hi @rajeshwarpatlolla. Appreciate excellent work. But it will remember the month even thought I don’t click Set button. For example I am on 4/24/2015 and click date button. switch the month to 3/24 then click Cancel. Click the date button again and then click left month switch button it will be 2/24(should be 3/24). Can you fix it?

oke thanks @rajeshwarpatlolla

Hi @Gary1990, i will look into it. Thanks for finding this issue.

Hi @Gary1990, The issue has been fixed and released a new version v0.1.1

Thank you for your quick response. :smile:

@rajeshwarpatlolla : Great addition, definitely going to use it!

I think by “more responsive”, @milindsaraswala meant faster, as the component exhibits a bit of lag… I also would make the “month changers” just a bit larger and support arrow keys and enter…


@rajeshwarpatlolla : min-date and max-date attribute options would be great.

You could also add a special ‘cssClass:’ property so that we can easily control the size of the popup modal without having to change your code.

Hi @jason_engage, that a good idea, i will try to implement in the upcoming release.
Thanks for the suggestion.

@rajeshwarpatlolla congrats man.
Thank you very much.

@rajeshwarpatlolla - It looks gorgeous, but it isn’t accessible. Do you have any plans to make it accessible?

@rajeshwarpatlolla Great work!
Is there any chance to make the week start on a monday in the calendar? Is this functionality maybe planned for the future?
Thank you :smile: