A controller inside a state where abstract is true

I’m creating an ionic app that has 3 types of user (user1, user2 and user3). Then I have 3 ion tabs (tab1, tab2 and tab3) which shouldn’t be always visible to the 3 types of users, like user1 should only see tab1 and tab2, user2 should only see tab2 and tab3, and user3 should see all the 3 tabs. To achieve this, I thought of creating an if-else condition and putting > ng-hide or ng-show in the class in a controller. My problem is, I can’t create a controller since the state of the parent tab has abstract:true. Is there any other way to solve this? Sorry, I’m just a newbie in ionic and I really need this. Thanks in advance!

can you post a bit of code, so i can undersatand your problem better?

Why can’t you create a controller for an abstract state? Pretty sure I’ve done this in the past with pure angular apps.