A complex json file

i have this json file that i am trying to get a certain electronic newspaper article using the id.i am getting the id through $stateparams.the thing is the json file is quite complex.it’s an array which contains objects.every object contains 5 items.one of those items is the article which is an object that have an id.that’s the id i’am looking to test on?
thank you for your help

What do you looking for?
However, you can use underscore.js to manipulate the array.

i am looking to access the id to do a test on it.the thing is in the console i get the whole array with 10objects.the id is buried inside an object which is inside an object in an array.

Use the force Luke :wink:

will be your friend…

hello again.i couldn’t get underscore going.got an error _is not defined.then i rememberd that i can navigate in the browser to an article using an id.so i did this

See the Pen mWLNvr by mohamed reda (@redamed) on CodePen.

a service where i have a function that need an id as param.will concat it with the url and then retrieve the object.but i get just an html page which indicates the 404 wrong page.after some research i think that the function can't get the value before the state is ready.