60fps Ionic Solutions - Famo.us Demise?

I’ve cross posted this at https://www.reddit.com/r/javascript/comments/3s2bpa/what_is_the_future_for_60fps_animations_in_hybrid/ to cross pollenate the conversation if at all possible to get all views.

Since I heard about Famo.us I was always excited about the possibilities it could bring to web application development.
Then when I found Ionic Framework, I was seriously stoked about creating great looking, performant applications in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

I feel like we were teased with demos from the Famo.us JS team of Facebook Paper/Flickr clones that looked gorgeous, and of which source/sample code never materialised.

What the Famo.us JS team were doing looked fantastic, and without understanding all of the technical aspects behind it, I wanted to use it. Uptake was low and generally the bleeding edge community steered clear from it. I guess the writing was on the wall as a result.

I’m just looking to open the discussion about future JavaScript & mobile friendly frameworks that will allow high performance manipulation of the DOM that matches the much beloved 60fps of native. Does anyone know of anything else out there that fits the bill?