3-way data binding


on your latest ionic blog entry - http://ionicframework.com/blog/angular-mobile-dev/ - you mention “3-way data binding”, which I believe is the future in mobile html5 app development. Can you recommend or point out some open-source libraries which are supporting this concept? You hear a lot of praise about Firebase, but giving away the control over user data or using proprietary libraries is a no-go for a lot developers.

I really like the concept of Hood.ie. But those guys are surely not the only ones who are working on disruptive data synchronization technology. I am curious about your thoughts and insights.

I honestly don’t know of anything so tightly integrated as angularFire is. Meteor definitely fits the bill, but it overlaps with Angular sufficiently that using them together would be frustrating.

I’d love to know if you hear of anything else.

Hi guys

this is last talk from Angular I think. the main talk is about realtime models (GoInstant is the guy) it is an excellent talk and goes about a method for 3-way binding - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHbWRFpbma4

hope it helps

also last talk by Brian Ford about making angular fast of larger dataset is very good - nice tips for our mobile apps thats for sure