3 Questions: Tabs slide, loading images to project and loading js files

I have a few questions about ionic 2 project:

  1. How can I import images to my project? I tried to open a images folder in the “app” directory but the folder is not created in the “build” folder.

  2. How can I import *.js files to my froject? Same problem like (1).

3)There is a way to create slide tabs? I want to create a option to switch tabs by slide the finger right/left.

Thank you,

  1. Images can be either added to the www folder directly or you can create a gulp task to move the from app to www. By default there is not gulp task for handling images.

  2. You can use external js file by installing them

npm install moment --save

Then importing them.

import * as Moment from 'moment';
  1. this is on our roadmap for later on. Nothing added yet, but it’s on our list of TODOs