2 finger / 3 finger swipe in ionic

Hi all,
I am developing an Ionic app.In that I want to apply 1 finger swipe and 2 finger swipe ( If it is possible ).
In a div if user swipes with single finger, it should scroll and
If user swipes with multi finger , it should select the content and select,copy options should be shown.

Help me in this issue.

you should add an own directive --> there you can listen on(‘touchstart’) for the wanted element (like ion-content or a div).

As parameter you get the touch-event itself --> there you can check the event-properties. there your will find the properties “touches” and “changedTouches”. These are arrays with the current touch-objects… so if you have 2 finger scrolling --> touches.length is 2 and so on.

If the touchstart has more than 2 touches --> make event.preventDefault(); to avoid default behave (like scrolling).

Thanks for the reply,
I am just a starter in ionic,can you tell me how to add our own directive.



:smile: Thanks…Now onwards I should give work to goole