2 D array use out of scope

i am dump the data in 2D array by to variable and i need to access the array out side off loop please help…

This is my code…

Declair array

public CallLogData: any = new Array();

for(let s = 0 ; s < this.recordsFound.length; s++){

this.CallLogData = new Array(,);
this.CallLogData[s][‘miliTime’] = this.miliTime;
this.CallLogData[s][‘miliDate’] = this.miliDate;
this.CallLogData[s][‘miliNumber’] = this.miliNumber;
this.CallLogData[s][‘miliCallType’] = this.miliCallType;


for(let t = 0; t < this.CallLogData.length; t++){

i need to use this.CallLogData array in this loop how to increase the scope
if( this.dataC[‘miliNumber’] == this.newNumber && this.dataC[‘miliDate’] == this.newDate && this.dataC[‘miliTime’] == this.newTime)
if(this.callType == this.miliCallType){
return true;
return false;


primal solution would be declaring that variable global