2 clicks when using tabs and popovercontroller

I am using popover-controller and ion-tab in one page. Lets say 2-3 tabs at bottom so on tab1 is for Page 1. tab2 is for Page2, tab3 is for Page 3

Inside Page 1 I have one icon. So after clicking on that icon pop-over is opening. I added backdrop-dismiss while creating pop-over so that when user click outside pop-over then it will close.

When I trying to change tab at bottom it takes two click to change it. On first click it closes pop-over and on second click it opens next tab

Expected Behaviour :
When I click next tab i.e tab2 then it should open in one click not in two click

How can I achieved that.?

Even documentation of pop-over have same behaviour. You can verify by click on three dots on right cornor and then try to click show-popover button.
Pop-Over Ionic.

Let me know If I am not doing it correctly.