100% height of column in slidebox

how to make column height 100% like ? I have background images I cover a .col div but I was originally adding a height:100vh; to the class which contained the background image. However when I deploy to android then the CSS property is not being registered. This must mean 100vh is not supported in that version. Anyways, is there anyway to set column height to 100%- i also tried 100% with min-height:100% to no avail.


hi @katmartinez08,
viewport units are not supported on android browsers below the 4.4 version.

i had the same problem, now i have a solution which works:
use this script: https://github.com/joaocunha/v-unit

  • Add the v-unit-min.js file on the head tag before your CSS files.
  • Set classes on your elements to give them a proper size.
    E.g. <div class="vh100 col">your content</div> will fill 100% of the height.

hope it helped you
sorry for my bad english