1 on 1 training

I am working on big app for my company and i often get stuck. Sadly i am the only one working on this app so i was wondering it would be possible to get someone to help me when i get stuck and learn on the way? I usually need to find solution quick and i would also be willing to pay for the help. There was 1 on 1 help on many sites before but i couldn’t find Ionic. So is something like this possible actually?

you from?

Serbia. Why are you asking?

just to know the time diference

(This sounds like a “job” opportunity, I moved the topic to that category)


I can surely help you with the same, it would be great if you can ping me on my Skype :cis.am2 so that we could discuss it ahead.

Anna J


Someone just got appointented :joy:

Hi, Dear. I can help you. Regards.